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When is the Covid Vaccination available for 2023

Will I get a COVID booster in 2023?

People at greatest risk of serious illness from Covid, including care home residents,
over 65s and frontline health and social care workers, are eligible
for an autumn vaccine booster.

Vaccinations will begin on 11 September for those most at risk, including adult care
home residents and people who are immunosuppressed.

Covid Booster 2023 UK

For 2023, the UK continues to offer COVID-19 booster jabs. These supplementary
doses aim to sustain and strengthen immunity against emerging variants. This
proactive approach helps in combating variants and ensures ongoing protection in
the face of evolving covid challenges. Access is convenient through NHS services or
through our vaccination booking page.

Booking a Covid Booster

In the UK, booking a COVID-19 booster jab is easy. Eligible individuals can book
online via our website. Boosters are recommended to enhance immunity, especially
for vulnerable groups. Appointments are widely available at our vaccination sites
ensuring convenient access for all.

Covid vaccinations are available to book at The Forest Hill Pharmacy and we are accepting bookings now.

The pharmacy covers the Waltham Forest Areas:

  • Forest Hill
  • Honor Oak
  • Crofton Park
  • Perry Vale

Covid Vaccination Clinic in Forest Hill

Forest Hill Pharmacy and Vaccination Clinic is conveniently situated within walking distance from both Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park stations.

Forest Hill pharmacy and dispensing chemist, 197 Stanstead Rd, London SE23 1HU, is a 14 minute walk from both Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park stations.

We offer all Travel and Flu Vaccinations, Medicines and advice from qualified clinicians together with Covid Testing, Prescriptions and full range of Pharmacy services with home delivery.